Thrive Training

Thrive Training is a certificated course involving 3 days’ worth of training over 3 months with some additional work-based learning. This is the most intensive option within the Thrive Learning Programme and is particularly suited to those working full time in this field, including both managers and practitioners. It is open to those based in Scotland and is currently free of charge.

Outline Agenda

The Thrive Training course is divided into 3 modules which cover the PLAN, DO, REVIEW cycle.

Circle diagram of the Plan - Do - Review process with topics covered in each.

Module 1: PLAN

  • identifying Need
  • setting Outcomes
  • mapping the Community
  • finding out more about the People you will work with

Module 2: DO

  • planning delivery: What, How, Where, When and Who
  • identifying key Indicators
  • developing evaluation Methods
  • collecting Evidence

Module 3: REVIEW

  • Collating and Analysing evidence
  • Learning from analysis
  • Sharing and Acting on learning

Module Structure

diagram illustrating the module structure

Each module follows the same format:

  • an online self assessment
  • a day’s worth of training
  • training materials available to download
  • a reflective practice exercise
  • an online discussion session relating to the reflective practice exercise
  • a follow-up self assessment


The course has given me more confidence when tackling a project through our organisation. It has given me the building blocks to manage a funding stream and deliver a project.

Photo of a Thrive Training session.

I learned so much from you both over the last few years. Who would have thought I would love evaluation? Thanks for unlocking the inner evaluation Champion in me!

Training Options

Face to face training

3 full days of training

Registration is now open for the next face-to-face course in Edinburgh starting in April 2022. (If there are COVID restrictions in place we will convert this to an online course.) Sign up below or complete this form to be kept informed about further rounds later in 2022.

Thrive Training participants with their completion certificates

Online training

6 half days of online training

Registration is now open for the next online course starting in June 2022. Sign up below or complete this form to be kept informed about further rounds later in 2022.

screenshot of online training session.
A screenshot of online Thrive participants

Sign up for Thrive Training

New rounds of Thrive Training (either online or face-to-face) will be listed here when they are open for registration.

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