The Thrive Learning Programme helps practitioners understand more about how to use physical activity or sport to achieve a range of outcomes. All aspects of the programme are currently FREE to those in Scotland. Use the buttons below to either sign-up for a course or register for our mailing list to be notified about future course dates.

The Origins of Thrive

In 2015, Spirit of 2012 funded 11 Scottish projects with the aim of helping people become and remain more active. There was a strong emphasis on capturing and sharing the learning about what works, culminating in a national conference, local roadshows and the development of the Thrive Toolkit. Evaluation showed that projects would welcome further support to put the learning into practice. This led to the development of the wider Thrive Learning Programme which can help you use physical activity and sport to achieve a range of outcomes.

Thrive Principles

To make a difference, all aspects of projects’ practice needs to be person-centred. This key message is woven throughout the 3 interlinked elements of Thrive: PLAN, DO, REVIEW.

Thrive Options

There are 3 ways to access Thrive Learning in order to develop your practice:

Thrive Toolkit – a range of free resources to support your practice, hosted on Actify.

Thrive Lite – a free online course of self-directed study for those based in Scotland. Thrive Lite is particularly suited to those who may have a part time or volunteer role in using physical activity or sport to make a difference.

Thrive Training – a certificated course involving 3 days’ worth of training over 3 months with some additional work-based learning. This full course is particularly suited to those working full time in this field, including both managers and practitioners. It is currently free to those based in Scotland .

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